Finland to Join NATO?

Finland to Join NATO?
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Over the past 2 months, the war between Ukraine and Russia has been none stop with Russia continuing attacks on Ukraine and Ukraine trying to counter what Russia are doing. Somewhat of Ukraine’s attacks are working, however Russia continue to attack from every angle, in an attempt to win the war and take control of Ukraine!

A lot of countries, and or world leaders, are trying to help Ukraine in an attempt to stop Vladimir Putin from continuing the war and to see if this makes the war end, however attempts are unsuccessful and have resulted in Russia threatening multiple countries across the world!

If Putin attacks the UK, the whole of NATO will join in. Meaning, if they attack the UK, then Russia will have a lot more to deal with than they should.

NATO is a group that was created on the 4th of April 1949. With up to 30 member states across the world. This means that if Russia attacks a NATO Member, then they will have to deal with 30 more countries as this is an alliance between 30 countries.

Finland’s leader has suggested that they should apply to join NATO defence alliance “without delay” as the war continues to grow with more threats happening to more countries across the world! Finland’s leader also suggested this due to them having a 1,340km border with Russia.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered security guarantees to Sweden and Finland.

Banner and Image Credit: kirill_makarov

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