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Covid-19 News and Updates!

Covid-19 News and Updates!
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Covid-19 hasn’t been around that long, however the past 2 years the virus has managed to infected over 519,234,788 people worldwide with at least 470,000,000 of them recovering from Covid-19. There has been some speculation about how long this virus has been around for, however 2020 was the starting point that many people remember.

Across the world, everyone saw lockdowns, cases soring higher than anyone could imagine and in other places, they saw nothing until the first cases was spotted, then a massive spike.

Covid-19 Virus

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North Korea on the other hand, has surprisingly been safe throughout the pandemic, not having any cases or any deaths throughout 2020, 2021 and currently throughout 2022. Now, there has been one cases recorded of Covid-19 in North Korea. The leader Kim Jong-Un vows to eradicate the outbreak recorded in the capital Pyongyang. Due to this one case found, North Korea’s been put into a strict lockdown with 25 million residents, this is also known as an order!

So far, the UK are seemingly like one of the safest place that has Covid-19, with only 529 cases recorded yesterday and 26,000 cases recovered as well. It is seemingly like the UK are going back on track to having a life without Covid-19 in it!

Covid-19 has caused the whole world to go back to wearing masks and more during and almost once the virus started to go down, however the UK have stated that masks are no longer needed, NHS however still makes people wear a mask for safety reasons, however the EU have relaxed the mask rules for air travel!

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