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Drinking Alcohol After Vaccine Could Stop It Working

Drinking Alcohol After Vaccine Could Stop It Working
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A scientist has recently came out and said that drinking alcohol in the days after your coronavirus jab could stop it from working.

The new coronavirus vaccine arrived in the UK less than a month ago, and has started to be issued to the public.

There was initially a small health scare that involved two nurses, but it was revealed that it was simply an allergic reaction, and advice was updated so that those with a history of bad allergic reactions should avoid getting the vaccine.

But now, an interesting statement has been put forward by scientist Dr Alexander Gintsburg that suggests drinking alcohol in the days after getting your coronavirus jab could make it “meaningless”.

The scientist, who works in microbiology and is involved in work with other vaccines, said “we strongly recommend refraining from alcohol for three days after each injection.” 

He continued: “It is important to understand that excessive alcohol consumption can significantly reduce immunity and therefore reduce the effectiveness of vaccination or even make it meaningless.”

Heavy alcohol usage can “suppress antibodies”, which are needed to develop a resistance against the virus.

The vaccine is currently being deployed to over 80s across the UK, with doses being delivered to GPs all across the country.

Care home workers and residents are both getting the vaccine, to minimise their risk of catching it from outside sources.

It’s not clear when it will be given to other vulnerable groups, but it is believed it won’t be long.

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