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Grenfell tower – 5th anniversary.

Grenfell tower – 5th anniversary.
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On June 14th, 2017, a high rising fire broke out in the 24-story block of flats, also known as Grenfell Tower, this tragic event ended up killing 70 innocent people, including 2 more people who later died in hospital due to their critical state, more than 70 people survived but were injured and a lucky 223 people escaped the fire unharmed!

People have said it was the deadliest fire to a structure in the UK since 1988.

The fire was caused by a fridge-freezer that had malfunctioned on the fourth floor, due to the malfunction, the fire started on the fourth floor and made its way up the building at a rapid paste bringing fire and smoke to all the floors of the building!

This fire spread so quickly due to the building’s cladding and external insulation since the air gap between the walls and floors was in a stack effect, the fire burned for approx 60 hours before finally being extinguished.


Thankfully there were more than 250 London fire brigade firefighters and 70 fire engines from stations right across London.

There were more than 100 London ambulance service crews and around 20 ambulances who attended the scene, they were joined by the specialist paramedics from all kinds of ambulance services.

The metropolitan police and London’s air ambulance were also in attendance.

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This year marks the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire, and in remembrance of these people and their families, West Minister Abbey held a memorial service.

Dr. Hoyle opened the service by noting the loss and anguish were “still vivid and sharp”, as the congregation gathered “in sorrow and in pain”.

“We gather as those who look for justice and a renewed commitment to securing safety in our homes; safety in times of fire,” he said.

“Grateful for the support of the communities and individuals that have sustained the bereaved and the survivors over the last five years, we meet in faith and hope looking to a better, safer, surer future.”

During the beautiful service, the 72 victims were named and read out for everyone to hear and to take a moment to grieve.

Journalist Jon Snow was invited to speak at the service.

“Grenfell, set in the richest borough in Britain, speaks to the grotesque inequality with which our society has been riven,” he said.

“We must now confront the issues raised by the Grenfell disaster.”

Banner and image credits: Thabo Jaiyesimi

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