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Covid-19 in North Korea Update!

Covid-19 in North Korea Update!
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North Korea have started to stat how many Covid-19 related deaths and cases they are getting now, with more still to come. There has been numerous sources that suggest that Covid-19 in Korea could change the world and how we see it and or could end up being the worse part of the pandemic for Kim Jong Un!

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has ordered his military and or “powerful forces” of the army’s medical corps to step in and “immediately stabilise the supply of medicines in Pyongyang City”.

With the cases starting in North Korea, many health experts have stated that North Korea could be in a worse situation than many other countries as many other places across the world have been vaccinated, and they have not. Meaning a deadly virus could sweep an unvaccinated area and wipe out half the population if North Korea are not careful.

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North Korean’s are more likely to be vulnerable to this virus due to the lack of vaccinations and the poor healthcare system. Meaning Kim Jong Un has ordered an entire nationwide lockdown.

Kim Jong Un has ordered this lockdown to impose “maximum emergency” for virus control and has stated that gatherings will be restriction during workplaces as well. This could suggest a lot of people will be working from home due to this virus outbreak in Korea!

“Once an epidemic has started, they’ve got difficulties in controlling and treating people who are ill,” said Prof Smith!

Due to this emergency, Kim Jong Un may end up taking more action to North Korea and have people be vaccinated due to how deadly this virus may end up being, as time goes on of course.

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