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Coronavirus… What Should be the Next Step?

Coronavirus… What Should be the Next Step?
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Coronavirus is still up and large right now, proving to be deadly and proving to be what people expect but some young people and some older seem to think the UK would be fine with it being out of lockdown fully and with the virus at the peak.

The virus has seemingly killed over 980,000 people worldwide and almost 32,250,000 people have managed to get the virus and either recover and or die from it. Over 23,000,000 people have survived the virus currently which begs the question… are we losing our jobs and losing our lives for this virus?

Covid-19 was found out in China, currently one of the safest places right now and that one virus has managed to travel to a lot of places around the world. Same as some other viruses but this one is completely different in some way and somehow so different from any other virus.


The virus is not as bad as a lot of people are making out, it is killing 4% of people and not many people get bad symptoms when they are infected with the virus, some may just have a bad cough and shortness of breath… as others will be sent to the ICU to get machines on them to survive the virus.

Looking at this compared to the smallpox plague a while back, back in the 1770s to the 1790s be exact. This was one of the hardest-hitting diseases in the old age, killing more people than coronavirus will do ever and even then lockdown wasn’t the answer. The first discovery of this was in 1796 and this was the start of the road for them, however back then a known natural cause was as far back as 1777… So, for 19 years, no one noticed this disease and this was back in the 1770s to 1800s.

With this in mind, everything people do is deadly when looking back at it. Peanuts can be deadly to a lot of people but… no one stops the making of this.

But… looking at the other side of this virus. The virus is able to kill anyone and everyone if they are infected with the serious version of this virus, resulting in them going into the ICU to have a 50/50 chance of surviving the virus and a chance of not coming out for many months. The infection rate of this virus is incredibly hard to know and has been for many many months. The end result for this is to have a vaccine and a drug that can stop the virus from getting worse in some people.

Right now, it’s up to the Prime Minister what the UK does and what the next steps are to take, but right now the world is divided into two columns, one that wants the world to go back to normal and get on with the virus and the other is follow the rules as it is a deadly virus… Which do you think is the right way to handle this virus?

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