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10 Boy Names You Could Choose Next!

10 Boy Names You Could Choose Next!

With every child someone has, there is always a reason why they choose the name, some may have thought about this one moment since they were little, for example, Monica from Friends, or some may have significant value to them. Here are 10 boy names with some meanings towards them too!

  1. Asher
    1. This name is normally meant for happiness. Nothing much else other than happiness.
  2. Duke
    1. Normally used for a leader, as Duke in some aspects is a leader of some sort.
  3. Jasper
    1. Meaning Bringer of Treasure. Alongside this, Jasper is also the name of a quartz gemstone.
  4. Charlie
    1. Some may think this name is normal and has no significant meaning, however, it is known that Charlie could also mean free man.
  5. Brett
    1. This one can be obvious, however, some people may not know this. This means that they are from Britain.
  6. Ravi
    1. Ravi is also another word for the sun. Very odd for that name, however, Ravi means sun.
  7. Connor
    1. Any Connor’s out there… Can u tell me if this one is true? Connors is typically known for living wolves
  8. Arlo
    1. A very great name for a baby boy in my opinion, however not only a great name but Arlo is known for meaning a fortified hill.
  9. Ezra
    1. For me my second favorite on this list, however, this name is known for meaning and or they will be a helper!
  10. Ryan
    1. One for the kings and queens out there, Ryan is known for being a little king!

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