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10 Girl Names You Could Pick Soon!

10 Girl Names You Could Pick Soon!

After a while of choosing names, you may get slightly annoyed you can’t find the right name for your baby. Some people look online for meaningful names! The names on this list have a meaning to the name, here are 10 girl names that have some meaning towards their name! For the boy’s names, click here!

  1. Cara
    1. Pretty normal name, however, this name is just what you will be doing to her, Cara means beloved!
  2. Ellie
    1. Some people love this name, some people hate it, however, Ellie means Bright Shining Light!
  3. Faye
    1. This type of name may not seem as important as others, however, this means Fairy.
  4. Zoe
    1. A lot of small names seem to have no significant meanings, however, this name has the meaning that everyone loves… Zoe means life.
  5. Mia
    1. A lot of people plan far into the future for this one moment in life, others plan with their partner, however, Mia is known for being a Wished for Child. Also meaning Mine!
  6. Beatrice
    1. Beatrice is the 19th Century version of Beatrix. Name roughly translate to Bringer of Joy.
  7. Abigail
    1. This name means something towards the father more than the mother. This name means My father is joyful.
  8. Audrey
    1. One of the most unique names on this list, however, this name means Noble!
  9. Ariel
    1. Dispute being named after a clothe washing brand! This name means lion of God… Very dominant!
  10. Gabriella
    1. A true religious name, well according to the meaning anyway. This name is linked to God again however the meaning is God is my Strength!

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