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The Cumbria Business Directory

One thing we always find especially in Facebook Groups is questions relating to… Does anyone know an xxxxx in yyyyy?

xxxxx being a Business and yyyyy being a Location. We have therefore built a Business Directory for Cumbria that businesses can add themselves to and for group members and users of Five Minutes Spare to find Businesses easier. The Directory is separated into categories of business/industry and location broken down into Country, Region, Town/City. Making it easier to Navigate

To view the Cumbria Business directory please click the button below

Go to the Cumbria Business Directory

Add your Business to the Directory

As we are in the Beta stage of this project we are willing to allow Businesses in Cumbria to add their Business to the Directory for FREE for the first 3 months (usually £25).

To add your business to the directory simply click the button below and when prompted to input a discount code use the code TRIAL25. You will be asked to input this code after you have selected your industry and completed the fields about your Business.

Click to add your Business to the Directory