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jordonc ✅

A little bit, yes. It’s still immensely popular, though. It’s just not quite as fresh as it once was, about a year ago.

But lately, Minecraft has been making a resurgence in popularity. This is mostly because Fortnite’s popularity is very familiar – and also polarizing on the internet: a lot of people love it, and a lot of people hate it. Those of the latter have found that Fortnite’s popularity reminded them of Minecraft, because of how similar it took the internet by storm.

In its prime, Minecraft was about as popular as Fortnite has been so far. Minecraft began to initially rise in about 2010–2011. From there, it remained the most popular and one of the most topical games for a few years, actually – reaching its peak in about 2013, and finally beginning its decline in 2015.

So far, Fortnite has followed a remarkably similar pattern in popularity. Although, the growth reached its “terminal velocity” much faster than Minecraft did – so much so that only a few months later, people started saying that the game was dying – and while it took a dip in February 2019 when it was (briefly) rivaled by the rise of Apex Legends, things seem to have returned to how they were before then.

So, most likely, Fortnite should hit its peak sometime within the next year or so, before eventually declining. That’s my prediction.