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Striped Eel Catfish

Striped Eel Catfish

This little tiny fish run in massive schools in Estuaries and coral reefs around Asia. They may look harmless but actually they are far from it. They have these sharp needle like spine which can easily rip into human flesh, but that not the worse thing. Each little needle is full of venom glands and they use this as a defence mechanism. They are very clear to spot as many fish around they are colourful and due to the size of their school.

They also have 3cm long switch blade spins.This sting is extremely fatal and lock into place when they are attack and this venom goes straight for the nervous system. This is also named the most deadly catfish species. The spine itself also lead to bleed and inflation. It said just one small cut on a human hand can lead to the whole are swelling up. No one has ever died from the venom of these animals but if the spine is not removed it can lead to a deadly bacterial infection, best advice go straight to the nearest hospital.

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