This mammal known as the Wolverine is fearless and agressive it has been known to scare even the top preditors of prey. They are also known for taking out prey ten times more it size. They are small but they know how to strike fear into animal and humans. They make an agreesive huffing sound while also showing it canine razor sharp teeth.

These mammals are located around the snowy deep freeze of Northern Asia, in the Altai mountain range. These animals are built for living in sub zero temperature there pelt is thermoneutral, this allows them to live in the -40’s they have big patted feet which are designed to keep them above the snow while walking. They are small bear like animals, but is actually the worlds biggest land based weasel.

This animal is not only known for scavengers but are also known for driving on their prey from the trees as they are excellent climbers. They have semi retractable claws. These animals are also extremely curious and will approach humans not in a threatening way. They have a specialised tooth which enables them to eat froze meat from what they find. They are known for fighting to the death.

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