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Eletric rays

Eletric rays

The electric rays are known for laying on the sea floor and are loacted all around the world in tropical and temperate waters however you can find them around Asia near the Pacific Ocean, thwy can be found though Japan,Korea, China,Taiwan and Indonesia. They are said to look like the sole of a shoe or the number 8 just sitting on the sea floor. However they blend into there enviroment very well and have very small eyes.

These rays deliver a high power shock and feeds on small fish. They are very slow fish but will deliver a shock to anything or anyone who comes close or that touches it by acciedent. They use densely packed muscles like a capacitor that you would have in an electrical ciruit. It stores the elecrical current in these muscles that can be released super quickly and at a relatively high voltage.

They range from 20 centimeters to 2 meter in size smaller kind can release voltage of 8 volts and  the bigger noctrunal ones can deliver a voltage up to 220 volts in a single shook. This is more of a trivial taser on humans. This delivers a knock you off your feet kind of shock but not enough to kill you shock.


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