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The Diplodocus is a large herbivore, that lived in the Jurassic period and inhabited North America. Its fossils have been found in many places in North America such as Utah, Colorado and Texas. For a very long time this dinosaur was claimed to be the longest land-dwelling dinosaur. It is named for the structure of ( double-beamed) of bones on the underside of its colossal tail. However since then there has been ever longer sauropods.

The dinosaur fossils were first discovered in the 1877 by S.W.Williston. This is the one of the best known sauropods. They were very hard dinosaurs with an incredibly long neck, with a whip-like tails.  They were the total length of 24 meters pr 79ft.

It was said there has been no skull has ever been found that can be confidently said belong to Diplodocus though have other diplodocus closely related to Diplodocus such as the Galeamopus, are well known. Their skulls never very small compared to the rest of the size of this giant dinosaur. They had peg like teeth. Their most typical type of feeding unilateral branch stripping.



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