A Brief Guide to the Canine World
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A Brief Guide to the Canine World

What is a Canine? Canines are best described as carnivorous dog-like mammals and more properly known as canids. All existing species of canines belong to the Canidae family. There are three subfamilies within the Canidae family, however, two of these groups are extinct. All living canids are of the genus ‘Canis’, which includes all breed…

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Saltwater Crocodile

Where can you find The Saltwater Crocodile? The Saltwater Crocodiles are found in around the freshwaters of  India, Southeast Asia and Australia. ‘Salties’ as the Australians refer to them have also been spotted far out at sea. The Saltwater crocodile is a reptile and is a Carnivore. Its average lifespan in the wild 70 years….

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