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Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish

This Jellyfish has 24 eyes a mind of it own yet has no brain. It can zoom though the water faster than an olympic swimmer while also able to end a human life in just three minutes. This can turns anyone holiday into a heartbreaking nightmare.

Some experts say that this is the most venomous animal on the planet. This animal is located in calm warm waters around Asia and is the perfect hunting ground for this lethal Jellyfish. It is responsible for taking unto 200 lives in Southeast Asia alone. It has a head that can grow to the size of a basketball, combines with lethal tentacles that can be unto three meters long each equipped with 5,00 sting cells.

This is also known as a silent killer and only need two meter of tentacles to be in danger of death. This jellyfish kills fast and people are only now starting to get educated on these toxic deadly creatures.

However it just not in the south where you’ll find this lurking killer they are found out throughout all of Asia where the water is most favourable.


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