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The mugger crocodile

The mugger crocodile

This is a top stealth hunt it is known for silent and quiet when swimming in the water just nearly peeking it eyes and nose above the water. This crocodile could quite easily take a human by surprise and kill it. It diet revolves fully around meat. To find this steal hunter crocodile will be in Asia waterways in rivers mainly.

This is a king croc with over 60 bone crushing teeth and a bite force to make mulch out of melons. This crocodile is responsible for 362 document attacks over half of them attacks fatal

This is one of the broadest long nosed crocodiles that they look like alligators but their actually crocodiles.They are very unusual crocodile and have prefect camouflage for their environment.This crocodile is also very intelligent and has be honing its hunting skills for 200 million years.

It has a five meter long body that it can propel at speeds of up to 19 kilometres an hour. To show off this intelligent crocodile it has learned to draw in prey by swimming under sticks and leaving them on it snout to blend in. It also flicks it tail to knock low flying birds out the sky. This is a highly adaptable apex predator.

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