The Black Adder episode 1  

The Black Adder is a BBC Comedy tv show that was first realised in 1983. It was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson and was directed by Martin Shardlow. The main cast of this show includes Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Tim Mclnnerny, Robret East, Elsept Gray and Brian Blessed. 

Warning this review will contain spoilers. 

Story Summery   

This show gives us a different take on history as it reveals that Richard the third actually won the battle of Bosworth Field and his nephew, (who he treasured very much) Richard duke of York would go on to become king Richard the Fourth shortly after the battle. But who really killed Richard the Third if Henry Tudor lost the battle, well then it all becomes clear in the thrilling story off the Black Adder. 

We then come to the kings dining room on the day before the battle, next to him sits Richard duke of York along with his son and hire Harry Price of Weales, (and at the far end of the table sits Edmund…….. the other son). It is clear that the king and his father have a very disliking of him due to the fact they think he is a slimy weasel. But Edmund aims to prove them wrong and that he is a man which he will prove on the battlefield, with help from his truest servants Baldrick and Percy. 

However, on the day Edmund overslept and was late for the battle. So, he rushes off to the battle, only for him to chicken out when he gets there. While he was having a wee, he sees someone stealing his horse so he chops his head off before he could do that, unfortunately for Edmund he finds out that he just killed the king. He then panics and he and Baldrick moves the body to a nearby building to hide it.  

When he gets back to the castle, he plans to run for his life as Henry Tudor will be coming. But lucky for him it was actually his father, who claimed victory in battle. Sadly, for Edmund he slipped up and (accidentally) told his mother the king is dead, to which she told his father who demanded Edmund tell him is it the truth. He soon finds out it is true when Harry comes stumbling in holding the kings body. From their Richard is crowned Richard the fourth and vows to hunt down Henry Tudor who he believes was the one who killed the king before him, (better hope he never finds out it was you Edmund or he’ll properly have you excecated, he doesn’t really like you very much, he can’t even remember your name.). 

From there Edmund goes to chambers with great spirits knowing that he is now a prince of the realm, however he soon finds a stranger in his bed, (the same stranger they meet when they are hiding the king’s body). It is revealed that Percy brought him back hoping he might reward them if they nurse him back to health, (to which Edmund aggress when he makes it sound like he came up with the idea.) it is also hear that Edmund now gives himself the title off “the Black Vegetable”, (just kidding it really the Black Adder). 

However, he soon finds himself haunted by the ghost of Richard the Third, who is rightfully annoyed at him for (you know) chopping his head off and dumping his body in an empty building. To make matters worse he also finds out the stranger he is giving shelter to his Henry Tudor. So, he rushes back to his room only to find he is gone, while Richard’s ghost still taunts him. When he rides off on his horse, he comes across three witches who tell Edmund that he will be king and the show ends with him riding off knowing that he will be king, (in reality though it was Henry Tudor the witches were waiting for, and they just told the wrong person he is going to be king, whops). 

 Thoughts and Feelings    

I thought that this was a good starter for the Black adder. One example of this was the idea of making it that Richard the Third won the battle of Bosworth field. This was good because now it gives this show a chance to show what history would be like during Richard the Fourths reign. 

Brain Blessed was also a great choice to play Ricard the Fourth. This was because it was funny when he couldn’t get Edmund name right and he kept forgetting he had another son. I also really liked his battle speech, which included him using the word blood a lot. 

It was very amusing watching Edmund try to run away when he finds out soldiers are coming. This was funny because he first starts running for the hills but when he finds out their coming from the hills he starts screaming to run away from the hills. 

I also found it funny when Edmund was talking to Richard’s ghost. This was because he was trying to stay calm in front of Ricard, which he does very badly as he is the one who killed him. 

I also really like the ending song that they created for this show. It was great because it was catchy and fun song to have at the end of the episode. 

Overall, I thought this was a great episode and I look forward to watching the next episode.         

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