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The Black Adder (1983) episode 6

The Black Adder episode 6 


The final episode of the Black adder was resealed on the 20th of July 1983. If you would like information on the shows production crew and main cast, please check out my review of episode 1.

Warning this review will contain spoilers. 

Story summery    

It is the day of St Juniper’s, and the king is about to give new honors upon his two sons prince Harry, (and the one he can never remember). When Harry stepped forward, he layed down on the floor while the king gave him a long list of new titles. When it was Edmund’s turned the king “relieved” him of his duke hood and gave it to his cousin Hastings.  

This was the last strow for Edmund and he was tired of being overlooked by his family, (I’m not surprised really, he was forced to become archbishop of Canterbury, he was almost forced to marry an infanta he wasn’t attracted to, and he was nearly burned at the stake so yeah, I think that’s good enough for him to be mad). From there he dismisses Percy from his serveries and then tells him of all the things of why he thinks Percy is an idiot, (he then tells Baldrick he’s fired to.) Before setting off he meets a stranger, (who seems to be a retired Morris dancer) who wishes to join him on his quest. So, Edmund and his new companion set off in search of the six most evil men in England. 

Sir Wilfred Death who was able to take down three heavily armed men single handed, Three Fingered Pete who likes to play dirty at archery, Guy De Glastonbury who is known for taking travelers money, (and their lives), Sean the Irish Bastard who was last seen stealing money from poor beggars , Friar Bellows who was asked to look after a humble man’s wife while he is a way and then making out with her a moment later and finally Jack Large, who may be small in size but is large in being mean and strong. Together this group would be known as the Black Sael and from there they plotted to overthrow the king and take the kingdom for themselves. 

Edmund gloated that no one could stop him now, well except one person his old childhood nemesis Philip of Burgundy known as the Hawk to his enemies, (or the Thrush back in his youth). But thankfully he is long gone by now, (well that’s what Edmund thought) as his companion revealed himself as Philp of Burgundy. He then took Edmund to a Dungeon and went on about how he had waited 15 years for his revenge, (mainly due to the fact that Edmund was responsible for Sending Philp away to France and he hated it.) He then left Edmund to rot in the dungeon with nothing but snails to eat. 

After an unconfutable stay with a really mad person Edmund is able to escape the Dungun (with a key made out of the mad guy’s teeth). He then sent word to the rest of the Black Seal and together they made their way to the castle and confronted Phillp. However, Edmund blew it when he went on about how Phillp was the evilest man in the world, which the other evil men liked, and they joined Phillp instead. They then strapper Edmund to a torture chair before they go off to destroy the kingdom. Unfortunately for them Baldrick and Percy were they with poisoned wine, which the Black seal drink and then all die.  

The two both rejoice until they hear Edmunds cries of Pain, (bad time to celebrate guys.) We then see Edmund lying in the court room surrounded by his loved ones, also his father remembers his name, (for a second). They all then have a toast to Edmund for saving the kingdom and living, (mostly). Unfortunately, Percy being Percy poisoned all the wine in the court room as well, which sadly cased everyone to die including our brave Edmund Black Adder, Thos bringing the chapter of the Black Adder to an end. The episode ends with a sadder version of the ending song as the credit’s role, we then get an extra scene were Baldrick and Percy were screaming “don’t drink the wine” but find they are too late.  

Thoughts and feelings    

This was a fitting way to end this chapter of the Black Adder. An example of this was due to Edmund’s plan to gather six evil men together in order to take over the kingdom. This was good because it shows that Edmund thinks this is his last chance to take over the kingdom. 

I also thought each member of the black Seal were very good. This was because each member brought his own form of villainy to the group, while at the same time wanting to over through the king and destroy the kingdom. 

I also thought that Philip of Burgandy “played by guest star Patrick Allen” was a great final villain for the final episode. This was because he was cruel and cunning, and he had a deep hatred for Edmund who he intended to get revenge on by taking the kingdom for himself. 

I also liked the scene where the villain’s turned-on Edmund, (after he went on about how evil Phillip was). This was good because it showed that Edmund never knows when to keep his mouth shut when working with evil men who would betray him to side with another true evil person. 

It was also funny in the dungeon when Edmund was hanging out with the really mad person. This was good because there was a bit where the crazy man was laughing for about, (twelve mouths?. Can someone really laugh that long?). 

Overall, I thought this episode was a great way of ending the first season of Blackadder and I look forward to seeing what season two brings.      

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