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The Black Adder (1983) episode 3

The Black Adder episode 3  


The third episode of the Black Adder aired on the 29th June 1983. If you would like information on the shows production crew and its main cast member, please check my episode 1 review. 

Warning this review will contain spoilers. 

Story Summery   

We find the king fighting with the Church for control over the land of the Duke of Winchester. At first the duke was goanna leave his lands to the Crown, however the bishop of London (who is speaking on behalf of the Chruch) frightens the duke with the thoughts of hell and he then decides to give his lands to the church praying this will stop him from going to hell.  

Meanwhile Baldrick and Percy have informed Edmund that the duke is on his death bed and then Edmund was all like (we’ll it’s taking him long enough). Edmund also receives news, (after a very amusing conversation with the messenger) that the Archbishop of Canterbury has died as well. When Harry talks to Edmund about it he tells his death as a terrible accident, Although Edmund knows better, that it was their father who killed him, (like how the king “accidentally” killed the previse two Archbishops before this one).  

Later on, Edmund, Percy and Baldrick are talking about who will be the next Archbishop. It is here that Baldrick says the king is thinking about appointing Harry, which Edmund like the sound of, (due to have fast archbishops seem to go in this show) and with Harry out of the picture Edmund Black Adder will be next in line to be king. If he was goanna be king, he wanted to look his best, (and by best, I mean making me think my god Edmund what do you look like, his mother was not impressed ever. Want to know what Edmunds outfit looks like, watch this episode). And so, the day of the new archbishop came, and Edmund was ready for it, until the king announced that the new archbishop was Edmund, and he was horrified. Edmund tried to get his father to change his mind, but the king responded by telling Edmund if he crosses him, he will probably have him killed. After hearing that Edmund came up with a cunning plan, (FLEE, RUN AWAY!!). 

And so, Edmund prepared to leave for France but then his father and brother found him, and he convinced them both that he was leaving for Canterbury. Not Trusting of Edmund, the king sends Harry to accompany him on his journey. Apon arriving in canterbury Edmund is named the new archbishop of Canterbury and takes to his new life, but he still lived in fear of his father’s wrath. Then just as Edmund feared the king called him to Winchester and Edmund harried knowing that if he doesn’t, he’ll be next for the chop.  

Upon arriving to Winchester late the king is about stab Edmund, due to it looking like the duke has just passed. But Edmund was able to “bring him back” and starts persuading him to change his mind. At first the duke still fears Hell, (even though he has done lots of terrible things in his life) but then Edmund tells him that he will have the time of his life in Hell, which the duke likes thye sound of. If is sigh his land over to the king he’ll be heading straight there, so he sighs his land over to the crown and the king for once in his life was proud of his son Edmund. 

In his dining room the king Praise Edmund for finally be a good son to him and he jokes about now no longer having to say, “who will rid me of this turbulent priest”. Unfortunately, some drinking knights thought he was being seriously about wanting the archbishop dead and so they set out to kill the archbishop of Canterbury. Meanwhile Edmund, Baldrick and Percy are looking at some holy relics hoping to make a bit of money, unaware that his death is swiftly heading his way. When the knights arrive the quickly attempt to kill Edmund, but they were able to find a secret door into the nunnery, which they escape through. However, the knights were hot on the trail. In the nunnery Edmund and his crew disguised themselves as nuns to hide unfortunately so to do the knights and it all end up in a big fight.  

Things get even worse when Edmund is discovered by the mother superior and she is not very happy with Edmund, due to the fact she thinks he likes dressing up as a nun, getting knights drunk and inviting them to come and wrestle in the nunnery. Accused of all these charges Edmund is stripped of his archbishop hood. The episode ends with Edmund leaving the nunnery knowing that his life is safe, and that no more drunken knights will be after his head, (though he’s properly lost his father’s respect again for no longer being the archbishop of Canterbury). 

Thoughts and feelings        

Another great episode of Black Adder. One reason was thanks to Edmunds very funny conversation with the messenger. This was because the messenger copied all of Edmund’s movements when he was trying to get the message that was for him.      

I also liked the fight between the knights and Edmund in the nunnery. This was because it was very chaotic and crazy watching everyone fight dressed as nuns. 

Edmunds outfit in the throne room was funny as well. This was because that it was so crazy, I was like “what dose Edmund look like”. 

Overall, I thought this was another strong episode and they are doing a great job with this show, looking forward to seeing the next episode. 



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