US Fully Backs Sweden and Finland NATO Bids!

US Fully Backs Sweden and Finland NATO Bids!
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Sweden and Finland have recently made a bid in an attempt to join NATO in case an all-out war ends up happening between them and Russia. Meaning NATO will back them!

The US and UK are the main leaders when it comes to NATO as they were one of the first places to ever sign the papers that said that if someone invades them, the rest of NATO will back them up. Finland and Sweden have recently joined NATO after the war between Russia and Ukraine started.

Joe Biden has said that he, the US, will fully back Sweden and Finland as they have made the decision to join and apply for NATO membership!

Image Credit: lev radin

“New members joining Nato is not a threat to any nation, enhance the security of our allies and deepen our security co-operation across the board”. said Joe Biden!

This means that if Russia and or any other country attacks one of the NATO countries, that means everyone will be involved and help support the NATO country. This means that Russia can not attack or they will have more issues than ever!

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