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UK Covid-19 Updates!

UK Covid-19 Updates!
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The UK are seemingly doing well to contain the virus from getting worse and worse over time, with less than 50,000 people a day still contacting the virus, the UK have managed to overcome the waves of Covid-19 and managed to bring back freedom.

Covid-19 was known for being the most deadly, infectious and unknown virus to hit the Morden day, however nowadays, it is known to be like the Flu and like the common cold.



With everyone in the UK getting the vaccine, everyone still having something to protect themselves from this virus… The infectious rate will slowly decrease with some days having more cases than others, however the more than likely cases, there will be one or two days a week with over 60,000 cases but with the new rules in place everyone can leave their house and act like Covid-19 is the new common cold.

Covid-19 is still effecting the world, however the world is more than likely going to do what the UK did and survive with Covid-19 and to stay in contact with the vaccine to keep immunity at the top. For more Covid-19 news, Click here!

Banner and Image Credit: Mongkolchon Akesin

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