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South Africa Confirm First Coronavirus Death!

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This virus is nearly everywhere, more and more places are getting confirmed deaths and even some places are getting worse than China! This will come as a shock to some people but China is currently getting better with cases and could be the first place to recover from this virus, but one place has been addd the list of confirmed deaths and no one expected it to be the place known as South Africa! The place where certain people would predict the virus would be hard to contain however they are doing better than some country’s now!

South Africa has just confirmed there first official death of coronavirus, however they have only got over 1,000 cases right now, this virus is difficult to get rid of and for some people, they say it’s hard to get rid of! This is terrible news since many places were hoping this virus would contain its self but right now it’s  looking hard to get rid of it but yeh NHS are trying there best to contain this virus, and make it be easier to contain, therefore these measures are appropriate!

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