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Rail Strike Continues as Talks Resume!

Rail Strike Continues as Talks Resume!
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A lot of trains have been either canceled or delayed due to the train strike that is currently going on right now, with talks on ending the strike still happening, and with this… The train strike has continued! Meaning millions of people are affected by this!

Millions upon millions of people all across the UK were affected by the rail strike that is taking place right now, with a lot of people unable to get anywhere due to this!

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Strikes are not being held Wednesday, however, the times of trains aren’t the same and only 60% or less is set to be running due to the strike that is taking place.

Network Rail’s Chief Negotiator Time Shovell said he wants to keep talking until there is a deal achieved.

“It’s really important we continue to stress the fact there is no need to have a strike. It doesn’t help, The fact there is a strike means that we lose money in the industry, as well as upsetting our passengers and causing disruption to the wider economy. So a really key objective for me is to make sure we get these strikes called off at the earliest possible opportunity.” said Tim Shovell via BBC!

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