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Queen Elizabeth II is Lying in State!

Queen Elizabeth II is Lying in State!
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As of right now, the Queen is lying in state with anyone in the public able to go and pay their respects to our longest-reigned Queen. This is a sad moment for us all and the public is showing great respect for the Queen and Royal Family. The BBC is currently live streaming the event that is taking place and the crowd showing respect is incredible.

The Queen has passed away after 70 years as the Queen. Starting her reign at the young age of 26 and continued throughout the years serving as the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II Crown was on display on top of her bed at rest.

“It can be quite hard to look at sometimes because of the sheer light that comes off them. It’s literally dazzling… visually overpowering,” Said the Historian and Author of the Crown Jewels.

A great show of respect by everyone in the UK. Monday is the day that everyone will be paying their respects to the Queen. This will be classed as a bank holiday for the Queen’s Funeral and many places are going to be shut. Including Tescos and B&M.

Banner and Image Credit: Alessia Pierdomenico

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