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Man Aged 34 Held Over Footage of Nicola Bulley!

Man Aged 34 Held Over Footage of Nicola Bulley!
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Nicola Bulley’s case is well known at the moment, the mother of two went missing without a trace and no one had any clue where she went with a lot of theories being made by the police. Her body was later found in the river that she was last seen by. 

Ms Bulley disappeared while walking her dog by the river and was later found 23 days later in the very river that she was next to.

There has since been an arrest of a 34 year old man who had footage of the mother of two the day the body was found.

He was detained on suspicion of malicious communications offences and preventing the course of justice.

The arrest relates to footage taken from inside a police cordon on 19 February.

This disappearance sparked a massive debate with police and families across the world due to how the disappearance took place.

A spokesman for the force said: “Our priority is, and has always been, to support Nicola’s family and the wider community in St Michael’s.

“We hope this arrest provides reassurance that we take concerns seriously and will act on them.”

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