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Girl Aged 9 Finds Megalodon Tooth!

Girl Aged 9 Finds Megalodon Tooth!
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An girl by the name of Molly Sampson, aged 9 has discovered one of the rarest teeth in history to find that is linked to a monster shark that use to roam our oceans. 

Molly Sampson, aged 9, has been fossil hunting for a little while now and she decided to go to the beach with her mum and she said she was looking “for the Meg”.

This all changed when she was looking and looking and found what appeared to be a shark, but not just any shark, this was known to be a Megalodon shark tooth.

This is a huge discovery for anyone and not only for the 9 year old girl who found it.

Girl finds Meg Tooth

The megalodon lived in seas worldwide until it died out at least 3.5 million years ago. This could also be false as there is still rumours of them roaming around today.

“She told me she was wading in knee deep water when she saw it and dove in to get it,” Mrs Sampson said of her daughter’s find. “She said she got her arms all wet, but it was so worth it.”

A great finding for her and a great moment for science in general.

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Banner and Image Credit: BBC/Alicia Sampson

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