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Covid-19 Rules: Soon to be Scrapped!

Covid-19 Rules: Soon to be Scrapped!
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Covid-19 has taken up the past 2 years of everyone’s lives, causing a lot of issues and a lot of stress to everyone, those who are worried about getting the virus and those who were told that getting Covid-19 could end badly for them, those with underline health issues and over 60s. Nowadays, Covid-19 is like the common cold. Unknown what symptoms you may face and unknown when someone may have it. With rules around the UK changing each week, its only certain that eventually everything will be scrapped and it’ll be up to the UK and everyone else to stay safe during the time we have with Covid-19! What rules are going soon?

  • Face coverings
    • It will more than likely still be advised that everyone wears face coverings, hwoever soon this will come into effect as cases continue to decrease throughout the week!
  • Traveling tests
    • Those who are double vaccinated will no longer have to take a test once arriving in England. This was more than likely going to happen sooner rather than later.
  • Isolation to be lowered
    • This is due to be lowered to 5 days if you test negative for Covid-19 twice.
  • No longer need Covid-19 passes
    • After introducing them into nightclubs, restaurants and many more venues, this will also be scrapped soon!

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