Clash of Clans

The Summer Queen is Here – Clash of Clans

10:55 AMinGaming Newsby Lewis Walker

July is here, and with it, this month’s season challenges. The Top Prize is the chance to unlock the Summer Queen hero skin with the clash of clans gold pass. Happy Clashing  

Clash of Clans The Summer of Clash

11:19 AMinGaming, Gaming and Streaming Accounts, Gaming Newsby Lewis Walker

The Summer of Clash event is well underway and Supercell has released a teaser of what else is to come! From the June Gold pass, we knew the first skin to be Summer Warden. Now we have been told the others to be released are Royal Champion Barbarian King Archer Queen We can see new…

Supercell release an update on the Future of Clash of Clans

12:42 PMinGaming Newsby Lewis Walker

Keeping a Mobile game up to date with new features and challenges without editing its core principles and design can be a minefield. Stuart of the developers has addressed this in a news update released on the 18th of May 2022 where he states; Hey Clashers, I’m Stuart the Game Lead of Clash of Clans….

Summer Warden – Clash of Clans

5:07 AMinGaming Newsby Lewis Walker

Summer is here and Clash of Clans is celebrating the summer season with a series of new skins. The June Season brings us the Summer Warden Skin From the Clash of Clans Youtube Channel The summer of Clash is here! Dive into the June season with the Summer Guardian, the first hero skin of the…