Dead By Daylight! Leon Scott Kennedy!

Dead By Daylight! Leon Scott Kennedy!


Leon Scott Kennedy is one of 29 Survivors  currently featured in Dead by Daylight . He was introduced as one of two Survivors of CHAPTER XX: Resident Evil, a Chapter DLC released on 15 June 2021. He originates from the video game franchise Resident Evil, specifically the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2.

Leon Scott Kennedy is a rookie police officer who went beyond the call of duty during the outbreak in Raccoon City. His personal Perks, Bite the Bullet , Flashbang  & Rookie Spirit , allow him to ignore pain, disorient the Killer, and track objectives being lost. Difficulty rating: Intermediate


Having faced hordes of zombies on his first day as a police officer, Leon S. Kennedy had to learn the job quickly.
Investigating the biohazard that had ravaged Racoon City, Leon infiltrated an abandoned Umbrella Corporation laboratory where a sudden and unexpected black fog led him astray.


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