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The Triggerfish

The Triggerfish

These fish are known for being fearless and they have a hair-trigger temper with muscle  to match. They are sea demons divers go out their way to avoid. They are known for going for divers no matter what their size, they will also go for sharks, they’ll go for stingrays. They will attack anything that gets close to their nests. They range in size from 20cm to a meter long.

People say they are what a cartoonist created, but never get close to them or you will pay a painful price they can quiet easily bite a finger clean off. There are around 40 species of the triggerfish family. They hang out along coastlines stretching from the Arabian peninsula in the west, to Papua New Guinea in the east. They don’t like people around. They’ll chase you for about 10 or 20 meters.

These bad tempered fish have a powerful jaws and chisel-like teeth, that are sharp as piercing blades and is extremely. They are notorious for their nasty attitude and bad temper. They also have the ability to rotate each eyeball independently. They also have body built to match their attitude as they are extremely strong and can ram into people and have extremely strong skin, this allows them to hit like a rock.

The males are known for being aggressive all the time where as the females are more aggressive when they are nesting.

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