Sting rays are very majestic creatures that enjoy swimming though the deep waters staying close to the ground. However they are not as harmless as they may seem. They armed with a deadly barb in its tail, that is known as the thing of nightmares.

The barb is like a stiletto knife, with little ribbed curved spines on it, it was most definitely designed to inflict great pain and cause some nasty injuries. The stingray can sting you at a speed that is too rapid for out eyes to physically see it coming.

They can be violent if needed but are extremely quick  creature not liking to be disturb. They are not seen as aggressive creatures more skittish. When striking out with it barb it also releases poison so it adds a double blow. The venom is aimed for doing two things, one is pain and second is necrotic tissue death.

They are many types of stingrays that live in the tropical and subtropical waters around the world. They patrol the shallows and surf the warm ocean currents. The stingrays often like to stay kitten from view underneath the sand when attacks have occurs its simply from disturbing the stingrays habitat.

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