Egyptian Mythology: Serqet

Egyptian Mythology: Serqet

Humans have always walked carefully around creatures such as serpents and scorpion, not like these creatures could over power the average human with the strength or guile but it was with what they would carry that would cause such fear and that was there very powerful venom that would have people dead within moments. These creatures would never a strike randomly or out of rage.

This leads to the poison and any kind of poison is controlled and given to those who are deserve such a horrible punishment, the Goddess who see’s to such punishments is known as Serqet who is known as the Goddess of Venom. People who are touch by her sting are present with a death though crushing strangulation and pain.

People assume that she seeks to gives them retribution but she is there as guardianship. The wakeless dead are embalmed and preserved in the fluids taken from Serqet’s beasts for all of time. Out of the four scared Canopic Jars which held the internal organs of the mummified, the Goddess of Venom was a key watcher of one.

For when this Goddess strikes those who meet her lethal sting it meant certain death. However, Serqet also has the ability to cleanse the poison as easily as it is applied.

The strangest place to find this Goddess would be on the battlefield as much like serpents and scorpions she was an invisible present, she lay in wait watching and learning before she would strike, this allowed this Goddess to ensure that those she killed deserved such a brutal end.

On the other hand, it must be the vanity of the Gods may have possibly pushed Serqet too far and it is now all will meet their death with her lethal venom in their veins.

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