The dinosaur called Baryonyx was a known carnivore that lived during the cretaceous period and was known inhabited Africa and Europe, it fossils have been found in many places such as Rioja, Castile and Leon in Spain and Upper Normandy in France.

This was distinctive looking theropod the very cretaceous, that was found primarily in what is now the northern Europe. Its latin name is translate into heavy claw, which is suits it very well as it had a very large claw at the end of its forelimbs. This dinosaur also has a small skull for its size as it very narrow jaw. It also known for have a very crocodilian looking head, it most common to be relating to eating fish and other see creature that lived during that time.

Just like many dinosaurs that lived terrestrial habitats and reproduced by laying eggs, so far there has been 9 different specimens that have been found by palaeontologists. It is known for also being large theropod that grew to the length of 10.0m and averaged on a weight around 200kg. It teeth is described as sharped and finely serrated. It said that its large claws were around about 31cm long. They moved on two legs like many carnivores.

The first skeleton was discovered in 1983 in Weald clay formations of Surrey. This dinosaur was based by Alan J.Charig and Angela C.Milner in 1986 with the generic name that also means heavy claw. Replica of a large, thick claw


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