Dead Universes

Atlas-Seaboard The Short Lived Comic Publisher Who Was Ahead Of Its Time

Looking to get started in the “Dead Universe” comic collecting area? Then Atlas-Seaboard is a good place to start. Their reign as a comic publisher may have only lasted a few months however they were way ahead of their time where creators rights were concerned and today their small stable of comic titles are avidly collected. In their 10-month existence, Atlas put out 23 comic titles and five comic magazines with some featuring work by the then biggest names in the industry.

The longest-running titles only got as far as issue four making a whole universe collection eminently obtainable. However, putting a high-grade collection together will be a challenge. Further, some issues have wider appeal as they feature classic artwork by the likes of Neal Adams and a young Howard Chaykin which pushes the prices up.  

First Titles (All January 1975)

Grim Ghost #1,
Ironjaw #1,
The Phoenix #1,
Weird Tales of the Macabre #1

The Phoenix #4 (October 1975)



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