Deontay Wilder to Return!

Deontay Wilder to Return!

One of the hardest-hitting fighters in the heavyweight division is set to return after the 2 incredible losses he took to Tyson Fury for the WBC World Heavyweight Championship!

Deontay Wilder has been set to return back to boxing for some time, however, he has recently announced his return to the world of boxing and could be facing one man in particular.

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The reason why this was unsure, was due to what Wilder was wanting to do. It was believed that Wilder was wanting to retire after losing the WBC world heavyweight championship to Tyson Fury as he believed he had done enough, however Sky Sports Spokesmen said this!

“I spoke to him a couple of months ago, he is doing great and he is looking forward to resuming his boxing career.”

Suggesting he is ready to come back to boxing! The fight is still unknown, however, some fans are suggesting he could be facing the former undisputed champion of the world, Andy “the destroyer” Ruiz Jr.

None of this is confirmed as of yet with his next fight, however, this could be the comeback Deontay Wilder needed. Will he have improved since the defeat to Tyson Fury?

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