African Grey Parrots for Adoption

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African grey parrot for sale, very healthy, tamed, hand raised and easy to train. Buy African grey parrot from USA and Canada
We take pride in providing homes with quality hand feed African Grey Parrot, Macaw Parrots, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoo Parrots etc.

We do offer African grey parrot for sale, we are reputable breeder with confident in the top quality of our birds. These birds are very intelligent, can mimic speech and can learn to be a very good talker if you spend time with him. The Congo African grey bird is just one of many talking birds we have for adoption at Feathered Grey bird Home. We also breed and train birds like Amazon Parrots, Macaw Parrots, Cockatoos, and many other parrot pets.

African grey parrots for sale

Are you thinking of getting a Congo African Grey Parrot and don’t know what the price is or are you bothered about the distance, worry no more as we have put in place a great team that is responsible to move all our African grey birds both within and across states to their new forever home without any hassle and at a very reasonable price.

The African Grey bird is said to have two distinct species commonly known as the;




The Congo African Grey bird is the biggest of the African Grey Parrot specie with a lighter gray color in its plumage and a solid back beak while the Timneh Grey bird is a little bit smaller than the Congo parrot and her feathers is darker in color. If we are to put aside their differences, both the Congo Grey bird and the Timneh Grey birds are very intelligent and will make really amazing home pets.

african grey parrots for sale

Why Choose us?

We are a group of well-trained African Grey Parrot breeders with experience of more than 15 years studying, training and putting smiles on the face of countless families and children who are interested in owning a grey companion.  All our available Congo Parrots are well socialized and friendly with other animals.

We handle shipment via air freight as well as road transportation depending on your location. We often get questions also like is it safe to fly a parrot? the answer is yes as we use very well-built cages and also the birdie will be coming with a caretaker who will make sure that your birdie is given the right treatment until she reaches you. All air shipments require at most 24 hours to get all the paper works ready while road transport within state will depend on your location but hardly exceed 7 working days.

African Grey Parrots for Sale