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UK Covid-19 Update!

UK Covid-19 Update!
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Over the last few days, the UK has seen a huge decrease in the amount of cases of Covid-19, however a massive increase in the amount of people at risk. Those over the age of 60 and some with health problems have started contacting the virus, leaving them hospitalised due to the virus attacking them too much. It is said that Covid-19 can be stopped with the vaccine, however sometimes this will make it easier to cope with. With older people, it is still unknown as the virus can be different for everyone.

Friday to Sunday, there has been a small decrease in the amount of cases. On Friday there were 146,365 cases of Covid-19, Sunday however there were 141,472 cases of Covid-19, a small but noticeable decrease, as the past week there were over 180,000 cases confirmed each day. Over 400 have been admitted to hospital with 97 died. So far, this wave is proving that it is more common than people expected, therefore this will more than likely be around for years to come.

Covid-19 Vaccine

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The whole of the UK are currently working towards being double vaccinated and booster jabbed by the end of the month of January. This was the month 0f December, however now this has changed. The PM Boris Johnson is trying to ensure safety across the UK. Nothing has changed in the UK as of yet, however nothing is off the table if this goes out of control.

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