The Beginning of Something Bigger?

The Beginning of Something Bigger?
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During the past 2 months, Ukraine has been attacked and invaded by Russia. The war has put a lot of pressure on Ukraine, however, some say this is only the beginning of something bigger!

This could last a lot longer than a lot of people may think, this could also start another world war as Russia is seemingly not stopping any attacks on Ukraine, and the fact Putin is threatening anyone that helps Ukraine, shows that he is willing to start something much bigger.

The Ukrainian General Staff say that the Russians appear to be concentrating their forces for another big push against Ukraine.

Over the last few days, the Russians have intensified their attacks across the Donbas front line. As they continue to get closer and closer to completing the encirclement of Severodonetsk.

Image Credit: Ivan Marc

The Ukrainian army is trying to keep the invasion from getting worse and worse, however, Russia is continuing to attack them from all angles they can. Air attacks, invasion and even attacking civilians at the same time!

With the attacks continuing, NATO is still trying to get more counties to join them so they have more defenses against Russia as Russia is so far unpredictable.

Banner and Image Credit: Tomasz Makowski

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