Tesco Tell People to Only Get Food!

Tesco Tell People to Only Get Food!
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Covid-19 is everywhere at the minute and will be for the next few months unless something huge is done and big name food retailers are being told they have to stay open through it and only change there times to fit everyone’s needs, however some people would still go to places such as; Asda, Tesco’s and other retailers for some stuff that are not essential! During this pandemic, it is advised you only go outside when necessary, but some people seem to not care about this but now Tesco’s are doing something about it right now!

The giant supermarket known as Tesco have introduced a new system that only allow shoppers to get food instead of just going in for a charger or anything that is not an essential. “Between 85% and 90% of all food bought will require a visit to a store and here significant changes to the store environment have been implemented to maximise safety for colleagues and customers,” said the chief executive Dave Lewis! We all need to stop this and only go to the shop if they need to get food.

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Tesco’s have currently sold;

  • 3.1 million containers of Soap, increased by 363%
  • 6 million tins of Beans
  • 3.3 million tins of tomatoes
  • 3.6 million packets of toilet roll
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