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Serial Killer “Fan” Jailed for Murdering Boyfriend!

Serial Killer “Fan” Jailed for Murdering Boyfriend!
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There was a murder in Havant, Hampshire in July 2022. A women by the name of Shaye Groves murdered her boyfriend and has been jailed for life. 

Reports suggest that this women was obsessed with serial killers. A massive fan of them to be exact.

Shaye Groves reportedly slit Frankie Fitzgerald’s throat before plunging the blade into his chest 17 times at her home.

Mr Fitzgerald, 25, who had two children, died at Groves’ home in the early hours of 17July 2022.

According to the prosecutors, she did this out of jealousy and stabbed the man as he slept after she discovered he had been messaging an underaged girl on social media.

The individual was reported to be 13 years old, however the individual that was messaging Mr Fitzgerald was 17 years old and Frankie actually blocked her on social media.

Mr Perian said: “The Crown say that the defendant – by reading about and watching murder documentaries – she was familiar with crime scenes, how to create a false narrative and how to set up a false alibi.”

Passing sentence, judge The Hon Mr Justice Kerr said Groves was a “manipulative, possessive and jealous woman”.

He said she and Mr Fitzgerald’s relationship had a “dangerous dynamic” and was “marked by rough sex, cocaine and alcohol”.

“You lost your temper and acted upon impulse. You loved the man you killed and killed the man you loved,” he added.

Following the sentencing, Det Ch Insp Nicola Burton said Mr Fitzgerald had died in a “shocking and sustained attack”.

“As always, our thoughts first and foremost remain with Frankie’s family, friends and loved ones.

“I would like to praise their courage and hope that this sentence helps them to begin to move forward, despite knowing that nothing can fill the void left in their family by the loss of Frankie.”

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Banner and Image Credit: Hampshire Constabulary 

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