Russia Using Gas and Trade as a Weapon!

Russia Using Gas and Trade as a Weapon!
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With the ongoing war currently still active in Russia and Ukraine, numerous sources suggest that Russia is starting to cut off supplies of gas to other countries across the world. Meaning some places will have to find another way of gaining gas other than Russia.

This is due to some places helping Ukraine in the conflict that is currently happening and this is President Putin’s retaliation towards places continuing to help Ukraine.

World leaders believe that Russia is using this as a weapon to stop countries from helping Ukraine during the war, making this easier for Russia to win. As they are currently struggling to even get into Ukraine again and the counterattacks are working a treat for Ukraine.

Image Credit: Tomasz Makowski

The UK and US both believe that this could be considered a war crime for President Putin as he continues to attack and mainly aims for civilian areas rather than attacking military operations.

“We have all the tools no-one can boast of… we will use them if necessary”, Said Putin as he continues to warn others about helping during this war.

Putin is all for starting another world war if anyone helps Ukraine anymore, however, the likelihood is, the war will not start. Ukraine will be on the offensive for some time. Russia will continue to attack Ukraine until the job is done.

Banner and Image Credit: Dilok Klaisataporn

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