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Most Search Word on Google in 2022!

Most Search Word on Google in 2022!
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It has been announced what the most searched word was on Google and this has been a shock to a lot of people. The most searched word on Google was Wordle!

The word Wordle has topped the most searched word on Google. This was the most searched globally and in the US.

The searches were revealed by the tech giant in their annual Year in Search report.

Wordle was released by a software engineer called Josh Wardle in 2021. The game is trying to guess what the word is and the word is different every single day.

Image Credit: Tada Images

There was a maximum of 6 attempts to guess what the word was and this will happen each day. Once the word is guessed the letters turn green and you win for that day and you can return the next day.

Wordle became so popular that Google searches from desperate players looking for answers affected other top Google search trends. Seven of the top 10 searched-for word definitions in 2022 were Wordle answers including cacao, homer, canny, foray, trove, saute and tacit. Stat the BBC!

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