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Law on Wearing Face Covering is Lifted in Scotland!

Law on Wearing Face Covering is Lifted in Scotland!
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Scotland were a lot slower at lifting some of the major Covid-19 rules in case their was another massive spike that causes the UK and Scotland to go into another lockdown at the start or now during the middle of the year. Covid-19 is unpredictable and could still reappear with worse variants which could cause another lockdown, however right now the world is near normal, well as normal as it has been in recent years.

Recently, Scotland has announced plans to lift one more Covid-19 restriction. Removing face coverings! This is a step in the right direction and could solve the living with Covid-19 situation. As it stands, the UK and Scotland are trying to cope with Covid-19, with the UK continuing the good run with barely any infections unless there has been one massive spike one day, then a long week of small cases.

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People without symptoms of Covid-19 in Scotland will no longer be able to take the regular tests but the PCR tests are still available to the general public until further notice. As well as free lateral flows will no longer be available anymore to the general public too.

Scotland’s National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch said this!

 “We’re still cautious as public health advisers because we’re still worried about the overwhelmed nature of our health systems around the world – not just here, but Scotland is no exception.

Our emergency departments are struggling, our hospitals are struggling, not just with Covid – with backlog, with everything else coming in that has waited until this point to come forward.”

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