Is Russia Losing the War?

Is Russia Losing the War?
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Russia is currently under fire by Ukraine after they attempted to invade the country. There has been a lot of issues between the two country’s but so far nothing has been sorted. The peace talks has still failed.

Recently, the US reported that a spokesmen from Russia is too scared to tell Putin about what’s happening in the war. Meaning that Putin could be losing the fight.

It’s believed that Russia underestimated Ukraine, making them seem so small but Ukraine are putting up a great fight. Ukraine is seemingly making a plan to regain all of Ukraine in an attempt to retaliate against Russia after them trying to invade Ukraine.

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Half of Kyiv has been invaded, but Ukraine has managed to regain the western area of Kyiv and more to come soon if they continue to counter attack the Russians and there plans.

Putin will be furious at the war as it is seeming like he is no longer winning the war and that he may lose the war instead of winning every single time.

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