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Dog Attacks have increased by 34%!

Dog Attacks have increased by 34%!
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There has been a surprising increase in dog attacks in the UK, this has risen by more than a third in the UK in the past 5 years. This was found by a BBC investigator.

Last year, reports suggest that there were nearly 22,000 cases of an out-of-control dogs causing injuries.

In 2018, reports show there was only 16,000 cases in the UK. The UK’s dog population is estimated to have risen by only 15% in that time.

Police have stated that they have seen more reports of dangerous dogs as a result of specific work by certain officers.

Dogs which cause death or injury to a person or an assistance dog must be recorded by police – but other incidents, for example a dog attacking another animal, or nuisance and anti-social dogs, don’t have to be. Stat the BBC.

A women by the name of Lily-Blu from Cheshire had this to say after an attack by a dog!

“I was sat on the sofa next to the owner. Their dog was lying across my lap. I moved forward because it was heavy and it just attacked,

“The bite was millimetres from my eyes. One cut was across my eyelid. I couldn’t open one of my eyes for about two weeks and my forehead swelled up. A year on, one eye still can’t fully close.”

It was believed that Lily had to have 28 stitches in hospital and suffered a fractured nose.

Dog attacks

Credit: BBC/Lily-Blu Whitehurst

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