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Doctors are Scared for the Queens Health!

Doctors are Scared for the Queens Health!
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Over the past few months, the Queen hasn’t been as active as she once was, not attending some stuff that she would otherwise attend. There has been a massive issue for some time, however, the Doctors have now started to suggest that she needs medical attention now. 

The Queen is 96 years of age and has been doing well for her age. Now, however, it is not looking good for her. With Doctors need to stay with her at all times.

Quote Message: The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.”

Prince Charles and Camilla have arrived at Balmoral and Prince William is travelling there

The Queen’s doctors are concerned for her health, following further evaluation this morning, the palace statement says. Stat the BBC.

It is not looking good at all, however there is still time for things to change.

Banner and Image Credit: Alessia Pierdomenico

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