Our Aim

To create a Social Media Platform with a difference. How? Firstly, by amalgamating the most commonly sought topics & information into a quickly accessible & user-friendly platform.

Secondly, by rewarding users with Minotes (our internal reward points system) for their activity and interactions with our site.

Thirdly, Minotes that have been earned will be able to be spent to receive exclusive discounts for products and services from a variety of local businesses and retailers.

Minotes will also be able to be used to support charities.

Does it cost anything to use or join? No, it’s completely free for consumers.

So I suppose there will be loads of annoying pop-ups and flashing Banners? No, what advertising we intend to display will be contextually relevant & non-intrusive. Having done our research we realise that most people don’t mind advertising per se and appreciate that this allows the internet to remain largely free. We don’t like pop-ups, spyware or being chased around the internet by ads for products we looked at a few days ago any more than you do.

Our focus is on providing useful and relevant information such as product reviews and on special deals negotiated for our members. Is the site complicated to use? We are endeavouring to make it as easy to use as possible and intend to have a tutorial section including videos available to ensure that every member gets the most out of the site.

Can I start earning Minotes for when discounts do go live? Yes, you can start earning Immediately starting off with having 2 daily free spins on the wheel of fortune and also by using the scratch cards. To start earning click the link on the images below. The lottery function is coming soon.