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Manchester City Charged with Breaking Financial Rules!

Manchester City Charged with Breaking Financial Rules!

Manchester City is one of the biggest clubs in the UK and in fact the world! They have won the Premier League countless times the past few years, however this year may end up being a bit different! 

They have been investigated by FA and are being charged with over 100 breaches of its financial rules following the four-year investigation.

They are also accused City of not co-operating since the investigation started back in 2018.

Manchester City!

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There are a few punishments that can happen, however with them being a huge club, one punishment may not happen.

  1. A massive fine to the club
  2. 15 point reduction
  3. Relegation from the Premier League

These are 3 of many punishments that could be hitting Manchester City soon!

“Manchester City is surprised by the issuing of these alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials that the EPL has been provided with,” the club said in a statement.

“The club welcomes the review of this matter by an independent commission, to impartially consider the comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence that exists in support of its position.

“As such we look forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all.” said the Commission. 

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