Flight Claim Guide

A five minute guide to your flight claim with Butterworths Solicitors


Here is a short guide on the steps Butterworths Solicitors will take in order to process your claim.


Step 1 – Initial contact sent to the airline

The first step is to notify the airline that you want to claim compensation for your disrupted journey,
and that you have instructed Butterworths to do this on your behalf. Within this letter, Butterworths will want to put as much information as possible, so if you have any expenses that you have proof of or anything else you
would like us to raise with the airline please contact Butterworths as soon as possible so they can include this within the initial letter. Their contact information is at the bottom of this page.


Step 2 – Response or no response?


The airline will do one of three things at this point;


  1. Deny the claim
  2. Make an offer
  3. Not respond


From the date Butterworths send the letter they ask the airline to respond within 4 weeks however at peak times such as Easter and Summer it can take airlines up 8 weeks to respond to each letter.


Step 3 – Review the airline’s action


Denial of claim


If the airline denies the claim, they will either supply evidence or not. Either way, Butterworths will review your file to see if the denial has any credibility. Butterworths will then make a decision on whether your file has reasonable prospects to continue, or whether your file has no prospects of success. However, you will be updated with what the airline have stated and what the next steps are. If Butterworths believe your claim is likely to succeed, they will request that the airline must send sufficient evidence to support their denial or raise payment.




If the airline makes an offer Butterworths will review the offer to ensure that the airline are willing to pay the correct amount of compensation that you are due. If the offer is accepted it usually takes approximately 4 weeks for Butterworths to receive the payment from the airline.


No response


If the airline fails to respond to Butterworths initial letter, they will then review your claim for the prospects of
success. They will also send a warning letter to the airline to advise that if they fail to respond then litigation of your claim is imminent.

Stages 1 to 3 can take anywhere between 6 to 16 weeks to complete depending on the particular airline, and whether it is peak times.


Stage 4 – Litigation


If the airline has either, still not responded to either Butterworths initial letter or a follow-up letter, or if they have responded and made an offer but failed to raise the payment within 28 days of when the offer is received. Butterworths will then pass your claim to their Litigation Department, who will contact you at this point with an update and let you know what to
expect and guide you through this process separately.

If you would like to contact Butterworths Solicitors at any point please contact them on 01228 739 907 or email us them at Flightclaims@butterworths-solicitors.co.uk



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